Family Tree Maker 2019 

Family Tree Maker, developed in 1989 by Kenneth Company, Mattel, now with the latest version in 2021 Family Tree maker 2019, is genealogy Windows and Mac software to help researchers in a very well, simple, and secure manner, but, later in 1995, Broderbund purchased it.

It is specially developed for researchers to help them during research. It empowers them to keep all the data collected during the research track in their pocket.

You can create reports, charts, and books containing Your task information and data.

What is New in Family Tree Maker 2019?

After examing the previous Family Tree Maker 2017, I perceive a huge difference of new features and an advanced way between Family Tree Maker 2019 and family tree maker 2017.

You are going to see something special in the new Family Tree Maker world with extra miles features and advancement.

Here are a few new features, and advancements in old ones to make it better and better and drop out the flaws of the previous versions.

FamilySearch Integration 

I’m not sure you have used the 2017 family Tree, but in the case of FamilySearch Integration in 2017, we can find only Family Tree hints. There is nothing more in this feature. But in Family Tree Maker 2019, you have extended options and ways to record your data.

Your access to Historical records hints

Downloading a branch makes an excellent way to use FamilySearch to bring your family Tree into Family.

Folder Counters

In case of nothing in the folders, stop looking there. Now, you will be notified automatically by a number on your folder which will show you how many items are stored in each one.

Profile Picture Perfection

Clear and Refine your tree leaf look by setting your profile picture with a new Picture-cropping tool. 

Technology in the Family Tree Maker 2019 identifies your face and zooms it at a perfect level, then crops according to leaf tree area that fits excellently on each leaf.

Tree Browser in Family Tree Maker

Reach out to your desired tree files with this new window wherever these are maybe in the cloud, hard drive, or Ancestry. You can find all these files in one place by using the easy and excellent search tool Tree Browser.

Your fingertips know everything for each tree that you need to know for each tree. Your FTM tree has a linked Ancestry tree, and if there is no, click Download in the tree browser to get synched up.


Family Tree Maker 2019 Software Tips

In order to make you an expert in Family Tree maker 2019, I have listed some tips. So, follow them, those will help you more.

The tips in this article reflect Family Tree Maker. 

  • Import your family tree.
  • Change your date preferences.
  • Add life events.
  • Document censuses.
  • Copy facts from one person to another.
  • Record addresses.
  • Take advantage of descriptions.
  • Sort through conflicting data.
  • Clean up your names and places.
  • Don’t confuse will and probate.
  • Create reports.
  • Back up your data.

Family Tree maker 2019 has a wide variety of tools and easy navigation with web search features makes it very interesting among other genealogy software available.

FTM 2019 is not only a blessing for beginners but also a blessing for professionals.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Download

This is a family tree maker download guide. In this article, we have listed the process to download family tree maker 2019 easily. Many users find it difficult to download family tree maker from Mackiev website or they want to download the replacement copy of the product. If you are facing any issue with the downloading of family tree maker 2019 then you can read this article for more details on how to download family tree maker 2019 and how to download the replacement copy of family tree maker.

How to Download Family Tree Maker 2019?

Existing users only need to upgrade to the latest version “family tree maker 2019”. In the case of new users, they need to download the family tree maker 2019. If an existing user wants to download family tree maker, then they can request the download copy of the software. 

There are many reasons due to which users need to download family tree maker 2019. They are – 

  • A new user wants to download family tree maker 2019.
  • Existing user has lost family tree maker 2019 due to various reasons like computer crashes or want to use family tree maker on a new computer.
  • Existing users have lost the download link.
  • The user is not able to use the family tree maker and wants to download the replacement copy.

In this article, we have mentioned both the process to download family tree maker 2019.

Family tree maker download – For new users

Family tree maker download – For existing users

Download Family Tree Maker 2019 (New Users)

In this section, we have explained how to download family tree maker 2019 for new users. The process is explained in a step-by-step process. 

Family tree maker is the latest version of the software and it can be downloaded from Mackiev website. 

  • Open Mackiev Upgrade center: You need to visit Mackiev upgrade center. Here you will see a form asking to fill in your first name, last name, email id, country, state, and the last purchased edition.
  • After filling out the form, click on verify the user. Now, you will see a message on the screen “Thank you for your purchase of Family tree maker 2019”. Click on the continue button to continue the process.

Now, you will see three options to download family tree maker. They are as follows:

ü Family Tree Maker Download

ü Family Tree Maker DVD + Download 

ü Family Tree Maker USB + Download

  • The family tree maker download box is checked by default. You can also add DVD+download and USB+Download options as per your requirement. Select the family tree maker download option you need and then click on next.
  • Family Tree Maker License Key: Now, users will see the option to buy a family tree maker family pack license. This is a new option added to the family tree maker 2019. The family tree maker license pack provides you the facility of using a family tree maker for up to 3 devices. You can use a combination of laptops, computers, tablets, etc.

Family Tree Maker Gift Centre: You will see the Gift center, where you will see many amazing gifts. You can choose the offers and products as per your requirement. Click next to continue.

Complete Order Page: Now, the user will see the complete order page. Make sure to check the details you have entered or selected. After ensuring the details and completing the order, you can click on the complete order now button.

FTM 2019 Download Link: After completing the order, you will be redirected to a new page. Here, you can see two family tree maker download links. They are:

ü Family Tree Maker Download for Windows

ü Family Tree Maker Download for Mac

Note: You will also get the family tree maker 2019 download link on the mail id you have entered at the time of ordering FTM.

Downloading Family Tree MakerIf you are a Windows user then you can click on the FTM windows link and if you are a Mac user then you need to click on the FTM Mac option. An FTM 2019 software download link file will start to download.

Installing Family Tree Maker: Double click on the family tree maker downloaded file to start the installing process. Follow the instructions guided by the software. After following the installation process, Windows users can find the family tree maker 2019 software icon on the desktop, and Mac users will see the FTM 2019 icon under the application folder by default.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Replacement Download (Existing Use)

Existing users are provided with the facility of replacement download. In this section, we will discuss three processes to get the family tree maker 2019 replacement download link. It will help those FTM users who want to have a family tree maker replacement download. 

FTM Download Link: Check for the family tree maker download link which you have received at the time of upgrade. You must have received the family tree maker download link over the mail you have entered at the time of placing the order. 

This is one of the easiest and secure ways to download family tree maker 2019. You can click on download family tree maker 2019 for windows or download family tree maker for Mac as per your operating system.

FTM Gift Centre: Go to the family tree maker gift center and with the help of your email id you can download a replacement copy for family tree maker 2019.

Live Chat Support: The third process is to talk to live chat support. You can chat with a dedicated live technician. You can chat with the technician to get a real-time solution.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Download FAQ

This is the family tree maker download faq section, here you can read faq regarding the family tree maker 2019 download.

What is the system requirement to download family tree maker 2019?

System requirement for downloading family tree maker 2019 is as follows:

Windows: Windows 7, 8, 10 are compatible with the software. 900MB disk space and 2GB RAM minimum needed to operate. It requires a display resolution of a minimum of 1024 x 768.

MAC: Mac users require the OS X 10.10 version or the later version. Minimum of 900MB of disk space and 2 GB RAM. It requires a display resolution of 1280 x 800.

Can I download Family Tree Maker 2019 for free?

Family Tree Maker Connect can be downloaded for free. It is earlier known as FTM connect. Users can download it from the Apple store.

How to Download Family Tree Maker 2019 on New Computer?

There are three ways to download family tree maker 2019 on the new computer. They are:

  • Download family tree maker 2019 from the links provided in the email.
  • Download with the help of Gift Centre
  • Contact Live chat support

Is Family Tree Maker 2021 Available for Download?

Currently, there is no update about the release date of family tree maker 2021. As soon as the family tree maker 2021 is launched, users can download it.

Conclusion: This post explains the methods of downloading family tree maker 2019 in easy steps. If you are a new user or an existing user. You can download family tree maker 2019 in easy steps. You can also read the FAQ section to know more about the requirement and conditions of a family tree maker download.

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