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How to backup family tree maker files? Fix it Now!

How to backup family tree maker 2019 files? If you have the same question, you are in the right place. This article will learn how to backup family tree maker files. Family tree maker is advanced genealogy software that provides backup family tree maker files on a hard disk or DVD. 

If your computer hard drive is corrupted or destroyed, you can recover family tree maker files via backup or you are performing family tree maker 2019 upgrade. Here are the steps a user needs to follow to backup family tree maker files.

In case, if your computer is crashed or you want to use family tree maker on multiple computers then you need to have a backup of your family tree maker in order to use your family tree.

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How to Recover Family tree maker files?

The option to backup family tree maker files lies within the software. You will find backup and recover both options under the software “File” menu.

Here are the steps you need to follow to recover family tree maker files.

1: Open family tree maker software.

2: Open the file menu and select “backup.” The backup file will be renamed with the current FTM data.

3: Under the “backup location,” you need to select the “Removal media” option. 

4: In the drop-down menu, you can choose a CD burner or external drive in which you can backup family tree maker files. 

5: Disable the antivirus to stop the recovery process from working correctly. 

6: Copy the recovered family tree maker files from an external drive or CD to your computer.

7: Open the family tree maker file menu and select “restore.”

8: Now, users need to click on the “look in” option, and now you can navigate to your backup file.

9: Now, click open.

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You can recover the family tree maker or backup the file by following the complete process. If you cannot complete the backup family tree maker process, you can contact family tree maker 2019 support; you can chat with a live technician to help you back up family tree maker files.

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