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 This article will show you how to join or stop ancestry members. In the end, we offer an FAQ section to help you get the answer fast. Starting An Ancestry Membership

When you sign in for An Ancestry subscription, you will gain access to the records available on Ancestry. Various membership options allow access to multiple records. Many people use the information from Ancestry to construct their family tree beyond what they know.

Membership Pricing

There are three options to join Ancestry. U.S. Discovery Membership, World Explorer Membership, and All-Access Membership. To check the current prices, please visit our memberships webpage.

Starting A Membership

To join the Membership, sign up here. First, Select the Membership you would like to join. If you already have an Ancestry account, select Sign in and log into your account. If you don’t have an account, you need to fill in the required information in the New Account section and select Save and continue. To save and then continue.

After your account has been set up, you can select credit or debit card or PayPal and then enter the details of your payment. Make sure you carefully enter your billing information and then click Proceed to Checkout. On the next screen, you will review your payment details and select Buy Now.

Starting A Free Trial

To ensure that everyone gets just one free trial, you must complete the payment information to start the trial for free. A small charge for preauthorization will be displayed but will disappear in the prosecution to verify your payment information.

Methods Of Payment

You can pay with PayPal and all debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

You can also sign-up to join the Ancestry membership through the Ancestry app using Apple iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. If you want to cancel your Membership, you’ll need to cancel your subscription via Apple, Google Play, or Amazon.

Canceling A Membership Or Free Trial

If for any reason, you wish to end your Ancestry membership, click on your username or your name at the top-right at the top of every page in Ancestry and then click on Account Settings. In the section for Membership and then click Cancel membership.

If you cannot locate an option to cancel your Membership on the Account settings page, it means that the account you’re signed into does not have been active in its Membership. Even though you don’t have the link to cancel Membership, you have an additional Ancestry account if you are charged for a membership.

If that’s the situation, you may leave the account you’re already logged into and log back in with another mail address (probably under which you have an active account).

If this doesn’t go as planned, in that instance, you should contact Ancestry Support to find the account you’re being charged on.

Stop Automatic Renewal

Memberships are renewed automatically. Suppose they’re not canceled, except in the case of gift membership. If you cancel your Ancestry membership within the refund period that you have opted to cancel, your Membership will be terminated immediately and won’t renew in the future. If you decide to cancel your Membership after the refund period, the Membership will terminate at the expiration of the current term and will not be renewed.

Billed After Cancelling The Ancestry Membership

If you’ve had to pay to your credit card for Membership even after

you have canceled your Membership, it means you have an Ancestry account that is duplicate. Contact Ancestry to find the understanding that you were debited.


For questions regarding refunds and related issues for associated refunds and questions, check out Ancestry’s policy on refunds.

Blank Page When Trying To Cancel

In these instances, if you get a blank webpage when you attempt to cancel the Ancestry Membership, it is necessary to turn off your advertising blocker. You can also cancel your Membership by opening an incognito window or tab within Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

FAQ Questions
#Q1. What can I do to end my ancestry membership? 

Answer: From the top-right corner of your ancestry page, select your user name, then choose account settings. Within the account settings, you will see a canceled membership. Click on Cancel Membership.

#Q2. How will I proceed if I choose to cancel my Ancestry membership?

Answer: You still have your account with Ancestry even after you cancel your Membership with Ancestry. The report will become an unregistered guest account. This registered guest account is a no-cost account with some free features.

#Q3. Can you cancel the Ancestry membership at any time?

Answer: If you have an account for free on Ancestry, then you can unsubscribe from your ancestry account at any time before when your trial period ends.

#Q4. Can I claim an exchange on Ancestry?

Ans: Yes, you can receive the money back on Ancestry; however, you need to present proof of purchase and explain why you decided to cancel the Membership.


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