How To Delete An Ancestry Account


How To Delete An Ancestry Account

If you are looking to erase your ancestral account, you should go through this article. This article will discover how to remove the account in just nine steps.

However, before the process of deleting your ancestry profile, you must know the options available to you about the genealogy tree. In the absence of deleting your account, you can end any membership anytime.

If you have concerns regarding your ancestry account’s security or privacy, you should consider these options before deleting the account.

Security: change your password and block someone from Ancestry.

Pay Information If you encounter any issue with paying, you may want to end your membership and sign up for the complimentary guest profile.

Family Trees: You can set the tree’s privacy private or remove the family tree.

DNA: You can change your DNA display name, cancel a DNA invitation, or delete your DNA result.

After Deleting Your Ancestry Account, What You Can Check

If you remove your ancestry account, all information shared on your tree will be removed from the ancestry database. Ancestry will erase all your data permanently, and you can’t share your tree.

How To Delete Ancestry Account

Suppose you are interested in removing an Ancestry account and following these steps. Following these seven easy steps, you will be able to erase your ancestry accounts.

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Steps To Delete Ancestry Account

We have listed a few steps and pictures that will assist you in deleting your account. Follow the steps below to erase an ancestry profile.

  • First, go to
  • Log in using your Gmail username and password.
    • It will display the subscriptions you own and will be removed from your account. Select the checkbox.
  • It will display all the trees which will be removed from your genealogy account. You must check the checkbox.
  • Then, it will be added back to your DNA test results which will be removed. Make sure to check the box and click the Next Step.
  • The next step displays the acceptance that your account is deleted. Following that, you will no longer access your account or reverse the deletion. Be careful to complete this process. In the following thirty days have passed, your all data will be erased from the genealogy.
  • Don’t close the container until you enter the verification code on your email.
  • Navigate to your email in the new tab, and then check the verification code sent by your Ancestry.
    • Enter the code in the verification box. Click to delete the account.

FAQ Questions:

#Q1. What can I do to remove my account?

Ans: Go to, and log in with your Gmail account, and it will display all subscriptions and trees to be deleted.

#Q2. Can you remove ancestry DNA?

Answer: Yes, you can erase your DNA ancestry on the DNA settings page.

#Q3. What’s the reason I can’t cancel my Ancestry account?

Answer: If you do not have an ancestry membership, there isn’t a way to remove an ancestry account from your account’s settings page.

#Q4. What happens when Ancestry terminate any inactive account? 

Answer: After cancelling your ancestral membership, you can remain logged into your account using an account username and password.

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