How to download a tree from an ancestry account?

How to download a tree from an ancestry account?

How to download a tree from an ancestry account?

Log in to your ancestry account within the family tree maker. If you’re working with family tree maker 2019, the user can see the interface below in the workspace for plans.

Click on the option that reads Download tree from ancestry. You will be presented with a screen that will show an array of a family tree created by you. You can choose which tree you want to download and save it into the Family Tree Maker.

Please note that if you’re using a family tree maker and are using Family tree maker 2017, or an earlier version, you might not be able to log into your Ancestry account on Your Family tree maker.

What happens if the tree owner has more than one sharing the same tree? How do you determine which one to upload?

After clicking the download button, you can ask this question and download a tree from the ancestry. There will be an alphabetical list of names for the tree. If you notice several trees with identical titles, you’ll be required to select everyone and then upload your tree with the maximum number of people or media and citations.

Be aware that you should not upload your entire tree under the same name, as it could confuse your later use.

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How can I download a tree from ancestry If a person does not possess FTM Software?

If you don’t have an online genealogy tree  and your trees are uploaded to ancestry, you want to get your trees in Gedcom format, and the origin doesn’t allow any other type of format.

Follow the steps below to download an ancestry tree.

Select the tree you want to download, and after that, click the tree. When you press the tree’s name, you will see the choices listed below.

  1. Tree Overview
  2. Media Gallery
  3. Tree Settings
  4. Sharing

After clicking on tree settings, you will receive a second window. If you look left, you will see the lower corner of the left-hand side, and you will see an option to export the tree.

When you click Export Tree, ancestry will make the Gedcom file that you can download.

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