Family Sync and Sync Error Report

Family Sync and Sync Error Report

Family Sync and Sync Error Report

This article will help you learn the basics of family Sync and the Sync error report. In the FTM 2017 or Family tree maker 2019. it is possible to use Family Sync instead of Tree Sync. It allows synchronization to be performed so that every Ancestry tree is linked to several FTM trees, removing the requirement to break the link for a tree to be downloaded on another or a third computer. 

It’s not a problem if you’ve got both desktop and laptop computers and you want to carry Family Tree Maker with you on the go. You can synchronize your computers to the identical Ancestry tree by placing your tree on both computers. 

But there is a possibility. So that when you go home, you’ll only be just one sync away. Need help? Use our live chat to speak at the Family Tree Maker experts.

Family Sync and Sync Error Report for FTM 2017 and FTM 2019

Sending a Family Sync and Sync error report and a Sync Error Log Mackiev can help him identify the cause of the issue you’re experiencing in Family Syncing in FTM 2017 and family tree maker 2019.

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Download family tree maker to new computer

The Family Sync Report dialogue automates sending the sync errors reports, and they are later scrutinized for diagnostics through Mackiev developers.

If you’re having frequent problems with your sync, please send a Sync Error Report following the steps below and then reach out to Mackiev chat support for further assistance.

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How do I create and send the FTM Family Sync Report 2017 and 2019 Family Error Report for Sync?

This article provides three different methods of gathering and transmitting sync error information.

    • Utilizing the Family Sync Report dialogue
    • Gathering the Sync Reports Manually (Mac)
    • Collecting the Sync Reports Manually (Window)

Using the Family Sync Report Dialog

The Family Sync Error Report dialogue is the most efficient method to create and send a Sync Error Report. The conversation instantly generates a document and then sends it for review by the Mackiev Support team.

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The Dialog has two ways to connect to the Dialog:

    1. The Family Sync Report dialogue will appear in the event of an error during synchronization. Enter your email address and name, selecting to send the Sync report button.
    2. If you choose the “Send Sync” Error Report from the help menu, you can start the Dialog at any time.

Input your email address and name in the box, select an appropriate Time Range, write down the issue, then select to send the Sync error report button. If you’re unsure of what era to choose out of the Time Range drop-down box, follow these steps:

    • The last 1 hour, the previous 1 Hour, the Last 12 hours, and the previous 24 hours. Suppose there was an issue with a sync problem within the last 1 hour, the previous 12 hours, or 24 hours.
    • If you experienced a sync issue in your most recent sync, you could select this option.
    • If you’re frequently experiencing problems with sync and want to have a more comprehensive report that contains the sync logs, choose All Logs.

Handly taking Sync Reports Windows Windows

Suppose you’re unable to utilize the automatized Family Sync Report. In that case, there’s an alternative that allows you to manually collect the sync data from your computer and then email it to us.

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