Family Tree Analyzer

Family Tree Analyzer

Family Tree Analyzer to identify errors on your family tree

Family Tree Analyzer is a service for free that lets users upload the GEDCOM formatted document. It also allows you to check for the family tree maker for mistakes, duplicate data as well as holes within your study. This Family Tree Analyzer application is straightforward to download for your PC, and the upload of a GEDCOM format file will take less than a minute for a minute to upload. 

  1. The features of the family tree analyzer Features of the family tree analyzer
  • Surnames
  • Locations
  • Corrections and errors
  • Census
  • Facts

Upload also provides users with a report that includes information about the number of ancestral ancestors in the tree and the blood relatives. The mistakes that can be corrected in the particular person of a tree are the date and a mention of that specific person on the tree and the person to whom these correspond.

  1. About the Errors and Fixes

Users can investigate mistakes and fix options with the Family Tree Analyzer. The most likely errors will be highlighted as crossed (definite mistake) or as an ambiguous question (possible mistake). You have the option to disregard a specific kind of error. You may request the system to ignore the error. For example, the birth occurred before the mother reached thirteen. For instance, a delivery happens over nine months following when the father died. There are other errors like ‘couples with the surname’, which means that you haven’t identified a maiden name of the couple, and they’re identified as married in the current.

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Download family tree maker to new computer

Tips: the most effective method to avoid making these mistakes is to keep a close eye on upwards the branch of your tree.

  1. Information about the FT Analyzer

The names of the people and the places in the tree are easily explained. But, it provides a clear overview of the subject and allows you to export the information, e.g. it is possible to export the data into an Excel spreadsheet if you’d like to study it in the future.

Census lets you explore your family tree. Along with the flagging of your ancestors, who you aren’t yet able to locate in one or perhaps all censuses. You can also choose not to include relatives older than a certain age or select a specific census.

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Upgrade old ftm

  • A dark, red hue suggests that the individual is believed to be alive before the census was taken.
  • While the lighter red colour indicates that the person could be live.
  1. Research Suggestions:

Census ideas show that numerous ancestors haven’t made any census records for them. Colouring systems reveal that the person lived at every census. You can search for the missing data in FamilySearch.

The summary of the marriage, birth and death reports include the following information:

  • A person of marriageable age who has no record of their spouse.
  • One who is not married is a person who does not have children.
  • The connection between every person to you is known as the “root.’

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