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The Family Tree Maker software was originally designed for genealogy research. And, if the Family Tree Maker is not being able to connect with the internet, that can cause you some issues which you might want to avoid at any cost.

What do I have to do?

Continuing what you were doing beforehand—if it’s opening a new form or data entry screen of an already open form—might work temporarily because your preferences are still saved locally on your device until they are updated by one of our cloud servers. However, all online syncing will be disrupted until this is fixed so there would be no advantage in continuing working offline instead of reconnecting immediately and completing that operation first.

How do I fix it?

First, you will want to check the internet connection. This can be done by accessing some other website on a different device that is connected to the internet and checking if there are any issues with your internet or not.

If this doesn’t work, then you should refresh your Family Tree Maker 2019 which would mean closing it down and reopening again without saving anything in between shutting off FTM while making sure to always save any already unsaved data before doing so because obviously, one wouldn’t want to lose all of their progress for no particular reason whatsoever.

You can also restart the network router or modem that you have been using-which is often just called “the Internet” nowadays—and after connecting back up on the same Wi-Fi network as PC/Mac being used with Family Tree Maker software, try reconnecting again from scratch including updating piecewise online first followed by offline afterward until everything goes smoothly once more afterward at last.

It is advised to check the application permissions as well. It should be ensured that Family Tree Maker has the permission to access the internet and there are certain filters that can cause problems if not disabled by doing so beforehand—which would just be advisable in general too.

One other thing you could do is update your software version because older versions might have outdated compatibility with internet usage-and again, all of this will only work for offline at best after being done either way but it’s still worth considering nonetheless.”

What can be done if it doesn’t work?

If all of the given ideas for this don’t work, then you should check your router’s or modem’s settings to have that fixed too.

What do I need to know before checking?

It is always advised to make sure that Family Tree Maker has internet access by checking your connection filter settings and having the Family Tree Maker software upgraded when necessary so it can be compatible with online syncing-for both offline and for online work, respectively too.

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Here is the list of instructions for how to fix this issue:

  • Check if your internet connection is working.
  • Refresh the Family Tree Maker software.
  • Restart your modem or Internet network router, reconnect on the same Wi-Fi as PC/Mac being used with Family Tree Maker Software and try again until everything goes smoothly one more time afterward at last.
  • Make sure that Family Tree maker has access to the internet by checking it in application permissions-especially when you are using a shared or metered connection too.)


In order to get the internet access back on properly, you will have to address one of those five things that I mentioned earlier and there is no particular order in which they should be done because it really depends on what is going to work for you best.

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