family tree maker on multiple computers

Family Tree Maker on Multiple Computers

Using Family Tree Maker on Multiple Computers 

Are you using FTM software and want to use your family tree maker on multiple computers? Then read this post and learn how to use family tree maker 2019 on various computers

If you are using TreeVault Cloud Services to move your FTM from one machine to another, make sure the tree continues to update your TreeVault to a new computer. This article explains how to use a USB drive to transfer your FTM between machines and reconnect it to your tree.

You must first download and install the family tree maker 2019 on both computers to successfully download the family tree maker from one computer to another

To share your file, you will need a removable storage device. Such as a removable CD / DVD, thumb or flash drive, or external hard drive. It can also be shared on a computer network or stored in the cloud.

Using a USB flash drive, you can transfer the family tree maker from one computer to another. If you do not have a USB flash drive, get one. If not, it may be worth your time with the steps below.

Step by Step Guide Use Family Tree Maker on Many Computers

Here, we will guide you on using a family tree maker on many computers.

On the first computer:

On the first computer, please follow the steps provided:

1. With the current FTM source tree, start FTM 2019 on the computer.

2. Take a backup of your family tree.

Upgrade old ftm

3. Navigate to the backup file you created and copy the file to your flash drive.

4. To do all this, Disconnect your computer from the flash drive.

On a Second Computer:

1. Open the computer you want to transfer to your family tree maker. Then insert the flash drive where you have a family tree maker.

2. Copy the backup file from the USB drive to your computer hard drive.

3. Click the file menu and select Restore to open FTM 2019.

4. Go to the location where you saved the FTM backup file. Select the FTM file, and then click Open.

5. After that, the Save dialogue will open. Select the location on your computer where you want to save your tree. Click the Save button to restore your tree to the repository. The fixed tree will open in the Family Tree Maker.

6. Make sure you are logged in with the same account you used when creating the Antenna tree on the original computer. Once you have logged into a separate TreeVault account, then click Cancel.

7. Click Select Tree in the far pop-up menu to the left of the main toolbar and click Tree Browser. The Tree Browser window appears. 

8. Select the TreeVault option on the left and then click on Next in the lower right corner of the Tree Browser window.

9. Click on the Find FTM Source Tree button.

10. In the FTM Source Tree Results column, select your tree. Make sure the tree you picked is the one you returned to in step 5. Then choose Use As A Source Tree from the drop-down menu.

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Your tree becomes an FTM Fountain tree after connecting to the Antenna tree. Changes to the new second source computer tree will only be used on your Antenna tree; The FTM tree from which you made a backup copy to the original computer will no longer be connected to the tree.

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Family Tree Maker on Multiple Computers

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