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Family Tree Maker Support 

Family Tree Maker is one of the much sought after genealogy software that is helping millions of users around the globe in preserving their family’s history and legacy. It helps people store, research, organise and share their family history virtually with the help of the internet. It also allows users to create eye-catching charts, reports and lots more. The best thing is that this software comes with an easy-to-use interface, advanced search options, advanced reporting capabilities, advanced charting tools, etc. So, if you are looking for a handy tool that can help you to preserve your family’s history, then Family Tree Maker is the software that will cater to all your needs. 

Why it’s worth spending your time on such software?

There are many reasons why writing family history is important. Learning about one’s background and family history helps families create individual, familial and sociocultural identity and culture. For some people, it’s simply something that they enjoy learning from where they came from and their ancestor’s origins. It becomes the property of the tribe. In some religions such as Judaism, historical background such as ancestry is an aspect of religious practice with ceremonies such as brit milah (the giving of a Hebrew name) or bar mitzvah (the coming-of-age celebration for Jewish boys). There are times when things like adoption can separate families, and in those cases, genealogists help people restore their lineages that they otherwise might not be able to find out on their own. 

Genealogical studies are difficult because they typically start with the present (the person who is studying) and work toward the past using different techniques to gather information. There are many ways to gather information, but it starts with family stories and reports of births, marriages, and deaths. Today people can use technology to find out more about their family history. Genealogy software has become more popular than ever before because it’s easier than ever for individuals to research and store their family history. 

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Why only Family Tree Maker?

Family Tree Maker 2019 is the quintessential all in one solution for family genealogy. This software suite offers users a wide range of features and options to assist them in creating their family tree and share it with the family members. It allows users to create everything related to their family lineage in an easy and enjoyable interface, record every detail worth noting, build a detailed timeline of the family’s achievements. All the information is recorded using citations and detailed notes. Family Tree Maker is unlike many other genealogy programs. 

Family Tree Maker 2019 reviews

Family Tree Maker 2019 has a vast client base spread all across the globe. 80% of the users have given 4-star and 5-star ratings to the software. Often we get emails and messages from our users thanking us and appreciating the product. Here are some of the reviews:

‘Family Tree Maker 2019 has made my life very easy. The software is user-friendly and easy to use. I have successfully stored the legacy of my family in this software and shared it with my other family members as well.” —- Sarah 

‘I have used multiple genealogy software but nothing has worked like FTM 2019. It has immensely helped me in keeping my family records arranged and updated online. —- James 

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 Common problems with Family Tree maker 2019 

Some of the common problems that the clients have faced with Family Tree Maker 2019 are regarding transferring family tree maker to a new system, family tree maker not working in windows, family tree maker 2019 keeps crashing, updating old family tree maker 2019, family tree maker 2019 download etc. Here in this blog, we will try to address some of your issues.

What to do if family tree maker 2019 keeps crashing?

Before doing anything else, check your window is updated or not. If not, update it. If your window is up to date, the problem might be related to the program or tree file. Our professionals are available round the clock to resolve your queries in no time. They will guide you in a step by step manner.  

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How to uninstall Family Tree Maker?

FTM 2019 can be uninstalled by following a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Close FTM.

Step 2: Press the Windows key and R and Run; a dialogue box will appear in front of you.

Step 3: Type appwiz.cpl in Run Dialogue box

Step 4: Click OK

Step 5: A list of installed programs will appear in front of you. Select the version of FTM you want to uninstall.

Step 6: Click Uninstall. 

Step 7: Lastly, select yes in the user account control warning. 

Still, facing trouble? Reach out to us with the family tree maker phone number for help. 

How to check updates in the family tree maker?

For providing customers with a better experience and fix the bugs in the product, Family Tree maker is regularly updated. For checking the updates, click on the help button and then choose the Check for update option from the drop-down menu. The FTM will automatically check for updates.  

For some issues, you would need the help of professionals. Reach out to the family tree maker support number. If you need Family Tree Maker remote support, then call us. Besides this, family tree maker chat support is also available for our vast client base. 

Family Tree Maker is an amazing application that can help you engage with your family tree and effectively manage the family history online. Family Tree Maker has the most extensive set of features and tools for your heritage research. It’s worth your time and money.

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