merge duplicate people in ftm

Merge Duplicate People in FTM On Windows PC

Merge Duplicate People in FTM On Windows PC

If you add people to the family tree maker 2019, it is common to add duplicate people to your tree. Duplicate people may appear in your family tree by mistake or even in TreeSync, and it does not matter why the duplicates are in the tree file anyway. If you want them to be fixed in a family tree file, the Family Tree Maker 2019 software can help you put those people together. 

This post will tell you how to connect duplicate people in the family tree.

Family Tree Maker can include two or more people on the exact dates as date of birth, date of death, similar residence, etc. Personal information and source quotes, notes, and media can be included.

If you associate people where one or more are marked as private, you can tag them as confidential. 

This article will discuss finding and connecting duplicate people in your family tree in Family Tree Maker. You can find and connect identical people in two ways:

Using the People Repetition Tool

Gathering Two Special People

First, let’s explore how we can find and connect duplicate people using tools.

Find a Human Duplicate Tool

The first way to connect duplicates is to find duplicate tools. This tool helps you find people who are repeating on a tree.

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  • Click Edit on the top left of the program. Then click Find Double People. You will receive a message saving your file.
  • Click Yes to back up your family tree file. If you want to make any significant changes to your tree, it is recommended that you create a backup copy. You can also click No if you’re going to continue without a backup.
  • At Find Double People, the window opens. You will see three columns. In Columns 1 and Person 2, you will see potential repetitions in the tree. In the third column, you will see the game points. The higher the number, the more opportunities for those people as duplicates. A thousand means that people fit almost precisely.

You can combine two people or compare the two people; first, select their row in the window and then click Compare / Merge.

You can integrate individuals now, and the steps to do it are listed below.

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Gathering Two Special People

Another way to bring people together is to duplicate two people. You must go to the Family tab in the People’s workspace and click on the name of one of the duplicates in the list on the left.

  • You can now click on Person> Merge Two Specific People.
  • You will receive a message saving your file. You must click Yes to create a backup file of your tree.
  • Now, you can click on the name of the duplicate Person in the list. You can also use the Find and scroll bar to scroll down. Then click OK.

You will see a separate merge window open on the screen. The screen has two columns showing the facts attached to everyone. You can decide how to combine both information and if you wish to save or discard some of the available points.

From the 2012 to 2019 editions, you can keep the truth and mark it as popular. Select the button next to the truth. Subsequent individual reality will be combined as another fact unless you discard it. You can click the Other arrow and select “Drop” from the drop-down list to remove duplicate people. If you are going to scrap the truth, you can enter its sources and media items by clicking the Save Resources box. You can now click OK to complete the merging process.

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