How to sync a tree between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry?

How to sync a tree between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry?

How to sync a tree between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry?

With a family tree maker 2019 of more than a thousand members, the genealogy research used to be a cumbersome process for Donnelle, who was looking to find out more about her family history. This meant going through dozens of papers and journals and going through a process of manual deletion. However, with an ancestry account, she can now quickly sync her family tree maker files with Ancestry to get help and more information on the family tree without the hassle of manual deletion. Like Donnelle, Family Tree Maker has helped many others as well.

 What is Family Tree Maker, and how to use it?

Family Tree Maker is one of the most popular family tree software solutions. Millions of people use it to manage, organize, and analyze their family tree, one of the most comprehensive tree management solutions. 

Family Tree Maker is software for genealogy and family tree building. It is only available in English and works in Windows, Mac, and Android. The basic version is free and open in all countries. Still, you will need to pay to access the additional features, such as sending electronic GEDCOM files to other users or accessing their information. The complete program costs $49.99, but you can get it for $39.99 if you sign up for a yearly subscription on sale. If you already have an account, you can go directly to the downloads page and download the program. If not, you’ll need to create an account and log in via the “Account” button at the top of the page. You can then download the program and start using it.

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Does Family Tree Maker 2019 sync with

Syncing between Family Tree Maker (FTM) and is possible. Using the Gedcom import and export, you can keep your trees synced between Family Tree Maker (FTM) and Ancestry. If you are unsure how to sync your trees between Family Tree Maker (FTM) and Ancestry, the following steps should help you.

Steps to sync Family Tree Maker with Ancestry

If you plan to do some genealogy research and start syncing your Family Tree Maker with Ancestry, you might face some severe issues. This can be frustrating and can even stop you from doing the research. To get you started with the syncing process, we’ve put together a guide to get you started with syncing your FTM tree with Ancestry.

When syncing a tree between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry, you have two options: automatic or manual. While the automatic syncing feature is far faster and easier to use, the manual syncing process is more accurate, taking longer to complete. You can choose any option as per your need and convenience. 

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Automatic Mode

If you have set your tree for automatic synchronization, your tree will check for any discrepancies between your Ancestry and family trees when your application is opened or closed. You will be automatically transferred to a synchronized procedure when any discrepancies are discovered.

Manual Process

When your tree is configured for manual Sync, you can synchronize on request while operating in the Family Tree Maker application. There are two manual synchronization methods.

First Method: Manual Sync using Plan Screen

Step 1: When the linked tree is opened, choose Plan in the upper left of the screen of your application.

Step 2: Select the Current Tree tab. It would help if you had the tree you want to sync open to Family Tree Maker for Mac. Click the File menu and select “Open…” then choose the right tree from your PC.

Step 3: Search the Tree Sync – Access Via Ancestry box in the center of the screen and click on the Sync Now button.

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Second Method: Manual Sync using Sync Status Icon

Syncing your Family Tree Maker with your Ancestry account is extremely simple! All you need to do is go to the top right corner of Family Tree Maker, click the sync status icon, and then on Sync Now. Click on the Ancestry tab from the download menu and click on download. That’s it! You’ll now be able to view all of your precious family information on your Family Tree Maker account.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on how to sync your Family Tree Maker tree with Ancestry. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on a topic like this! Please get in touch with us anytime if you have any further questions or concerns about syncing your trees.

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