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Terms and conditions:

Additionally, we will also discuss our Website’s Terms and Conditions. Tane Innovative concepts LLC owns this Website. (We don’t have any connection or affiliation with MacKiev,Ancestry.com or any other company that makes software for genealogy).

We support technicians for genealogy software (which comprises family Tree Maker software). If you receive free support from any business, It is recommended to call their specific toll-free telephone number.

Familytreemakerdownload.us, Website, and mobile site are collectively the “Familytreemakerdownload.us Properties”, and each individual is a “Familytreemakerdownload.us Property.” “Familytreemakerdownload.us or Familytreemakerdownload.us.,” “our,” “we,” or “us” may refer to Familytreemakerdownload.us, Familytreemakerdownload.us and their affiliates, subsidiaries and designee.

“You,” and “Their” may refer to customers or users.

When you use any of our properties and related products, services, and software, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. You also agree to our Terms & Conditions when you create an account, log in to any Familytreemakerdownload.us property, or purchase as a guest.

We may make any changes to Familytreemakerdownload.us Property and the Terms & Conditions. So be sure to go through our terms and conditions before using our product or services to be aware.

Our Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions apply to every customer and client without bias or limitations regarding family members.

In the first place, you must not violate any laws.

The second point is that you never should you engage in fraud.

But, the user mustn’t send unauthorized letters or sensitive or unsuitable information.

Do not copy or reuse information and content from websites.

Furthermore, do not be able to access the company’s information without authorization.

The use of Familytreemakerdownload.us Properties and proprietary rights for Familytreemakerdownload.us.

The layout, design information, contact details and design on our Website are the company’s property and cannot be copied or used other than on our Website. Copyright and visitors to our site protect the Website accepts to not alter or copy any content from it. We do not permit the use of our trademark for commercial use.

All images, videos and other materials (collectively content) are protected under copyright.

You may use Familytreemakerdownload.us Properties for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use Familytreemakerdownload.us Properties if you are below 16.


Your use of the Familytreemakerdownload.us Properties is subject to our Privacy Policy. Please read the policy to learn more about how we gather and use information.

Details on Our Site

While we try to be accurate with the information present on the Familytreemakerdownload.us Properties, we also make efforts to display product attributes with high accuracy. However, we cannot guarantee that our information is correct or error-free. Discounts, prices and other deals may change at any time without notification.

Content generated by the user Comment, Review Communication, and More Content

You may interact with Familytreemakerdownload.us in numerous ways: reviews, ratings, testimonials, community forums, comments, Questions and Answers, and email communication.

You, at this moment, grant Familytreemakerdownload.us a perpetual, royalty-free, irreversible, transferable right. Your license to use, modify, transmit, publish, display, delete and distribute any information other than order information provided via email or phone.

The information you send must not contain harmful computer code or references to other websites or any defamatory, false, misleading, unlawful, defamatory or libellous information. It should also not be biased and racist or harassing, or threatening.

These incidents could lead to interruption of the services offered to you us. Therefore, we confirm that if you allow us to share your personal information with us, we will not divulge your details to a third party.

If you were opt-in to our newsletter or other services, we will protect your personal information like your name, address, phone number, and email security.

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